About Hair Brush


Turn up the volume and give your hair the pampering it deserves with our Revamp Progloss™ Curling Brushes! From mermaid waves, loose romantic curls or beautiful curly locks, you can create a variety of long-lasting stunning hairstyles!


Experience the Progloss™ look with the super smooth oils -Keratin, Argan and Coconut for ultimate smoothness! Whether it is styling long hair, creating waves, curls or flicks, the innovative design of the Revamp Progloss™ Perfect Finish Curl and Waves Brush caters for snag-free styling, adding volume throughout the hair while shaping the ends with total ease.


Create a gorgeous high volume look with gentle curls and waves using our new Revamp Progloss™ Big Round Brush! For an effortless styling, use the Revamp Progloss™ Big Round Brush with the Revamp Progloss™ 5500 hair dryer and create a myriad of styles from soft waves through to tighter curls with lush texture that hold all day long without excessive heat damage.


The Revamp Progloss™ Airstyle is equipped with 5 versatile interchangeable attachment to match your hair’s daily needs. This 5-in-1 tool is all you need for getting your hair on point when you’re running late! With it is a peppy chic tight curls or beach waves, the five interchangeable barrels on the Revamp Progloss™ Airstyle will dry and style at once, creating a stunning level of depth and style catering to smooth and glossy hair.

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