Revamp Hair Care

From the house of the Salon British Brands, Revamp is developed by the world’s leading hair professionals and talented fashion designers based in London, UK. With a vision to revolutionize hair styling, we are dedicated to making you feel fabulous and achieving the best hair transformation at ease.

At Revamp, we understand how important it is to carry yourself with confidence. And when you’re looking you’re best, you naturally feel the best too! Our range is designed with love for versatile hair styles and experimentation so that you leave a striking impression wherever you go.

Engineered using world class componentry to minimize hair damage caused by excessive heat, all our products are equipped with Progloss™ super smooth oils - Keratin, Argan and Coconut for ultimate smoothness. With the powerful ionic jet technology in our hair dryers for smooth and voluminous hair, give your hair the treatment it deserves.

By combining fashion and science, our range of hair stylers ensure a professional salon finish from the comfort of your home every time.